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The adventures of marg

short film, 2022

I made "The Adventures Of Marg" for fun in my spare time to experiment in filmmaking, an industry that has always intrigued me.  My film won first place at the Ontario Youth Film Festival in the narrative category and won the 2022 EIPMA Student Film Runner Up award at the Vaughan Film Festival. This film is really close to my heart and contains many easter eggs like the song "All life's way" performed by my great-grandfather. While making it I discovered a strong like for the visual components of filmmaking such as the cinematography and post-production editing.


My menstruation is not a horror

sculpture, 2022 35"24"11"(approx.)

For my grade 11 course summative I created a sculpture of a used tampon using a variety of materials. The goal of the assignment was that once removing an object from its environment and increasing its scale we are able to see the object in a new, more thoughtful light. My sculpture sparked a lot of controversy in my school, where it faced censorship and had to be discussed with the faculty and administration. It is about censorship and stigma surrounding periods in society. My goal for this sculpture is that it helps all of us reflect on our behaviour around periods and help stop the stigma. 



figure in motion

charcoal, 2022 30"40"


Bliss in frivolity

digital photography, 2021



the olde ausable creamery

brand concept, 2021

For my grade 11 co-op I worked with Boulevard Design, a small graphic design team, where I learned and acquired new design abilities and skills. For my final project I created a full brand for an imaginary company, "The Olde Ausable Creamery". Click here or on the image on the left for the full brand concept.


An ode to norm

digital photography, 2020

During quarantine I recreated famous works of art, my favourite being Norman Rockwell's "Outside the Principal's Office"

contest-miscellaneous-09 copy.jpg


the dairy dip & pizza place

Digital photography, 2022

Branding photos for The Dairy Dip & Pizza Place. Click here or on the image on the left to view a sample of the gallery.


van gogh

chalk pastel, 2021 810.5

My interpretation of Vincent Van Gogh's "Self-Portrait in a Straw Hat".



Morgan & Adam

digital photography, 2021


an autumn sprite

digital photography, 2021

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